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  • "For those of us who have difficulty perceiving the presence of Jesus, Immanuel Prayer is a Godsend. It is changing my life. I believe Immanuel Prayer is the future of the church."

    Perry Bigelow, founder of Bigelow Homes Read Perry's profile and testimony

  • "Giving is a great way to see God work in our lives, tangibly and often miraculously. Through Alive and Well, Jerry Webb equips people with Biblical wisdom and sound financial advice, so they can experience God's presence through joyful giving."

    Rusty Popp, owner of Henninger Popp

    Read Rusty's profile and testimony

  • "Never have we seen a ministry that is so radical in its impact and yet so gentle in its approach and so grounded in God's truth."

    Gary Churchill, M.D., Facial Plastic Surgeon and Linda Churchill
    Read The Churchills' profile and testimony

What's New?

  • Jerry Webb Retires Jerry Webb, founder of Alive and Well Ministries along with his wife Margaret, has retired from 46 years in the financial planning industry. He is now turning his full attention to developing Alive and Well’s stewardship arm.

    Read Jerry’s Tips for Giving

Immanuel Prayer

Acting locally and globally, we are devoted to

Connecting, Equipping and Giving

We develop and share resources, and offer our skills and experience to God for the benefit of all.

We call this the Adventure of Availability. It's exciting to gather all the blessings, privileges, skills, and experience we've been given, spread them out on the altar of availability, and ask God to use them to bless others.

What is Alive and Well doing?

Our primary focus has been the Immanuel Prayer Training program founded by Margaret Webb.

Since the summer of 2010, Margaret and her colleague Jessica Handy have had over 400 students from over 90 different churches attend training events based on the work of Dr. Karl Lehman, Dr. Jim Wilder, Ed Khouri and Chris and Jen Coursey.

Immanuel Prayer is a process to help people connect relationally, intimately, personally and securely with God in a prayer ministry session. This video introduces some key concepts:

Watch Margaret's complete 20-minute introduction here.

I Know Whom I Have Believed

Jessica Handy, our Director of Immanuel Prayer Training, is a graduate of Fuller Seminary and ordained pastor in the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA). In the video below, she offers a devotional on scripture related to Immanuel Prayer.

Immanuel Prayer Stories

At the end of each Immanuel training course, we ask the students to reflect on how their lives have been impacted. Here is Catherine's story:

Find more written and recorded stories here.