The Immanuel Encounter lifestyle course

The Immanuel Encounter Lifestyle course is designed for people who are new to Immanuel Prayer.  The goal is to develop the understanding and skills necessary to live in a healthy, interactive relationship with God and others in everyday life; experience God's love, secure attachment, and healing power; grow in spiritual, emotional, and relational maturity; and share joy and transformation with others. It is also the prerequisite for the Immanuel Encounter Guide Training course.

In January '22 we will launch our online version of the Lifestyle course that will include video teaching and live mentored practice groups on Zoom.

Alive and Well is offering this course without charge, but we hope that you will be willing to make a suggested donation of $100 to cover costs and help support our ministry and growth. The DONATE button is on the top right.  Thank You.

Experience the joy of listening to stories from people who've taken the course.

week 1-relational circuits

Recognizing RCs ON and OFF is a foundational skill for learning to live the Immanuel Lifestyle.

week 2-securely attached relationship

What secure attachment is and why it matters.

week 3-sharing connection stories

Finding and sharing connection experiences is an essential element of developing secure attachment with God and others.

week 5-return to joy

Learn about Joy Capacity and the Pain Processing Pathway.  Returning to joy from painful emotions is a maturity skill that can be learned and grown.

week 7-next steps

Where do we go from here to keep growing in the Immanuel Lifestyle? The importance of a group to share and practice with.

week 4-deepening the connection

Focusing on, deepening, and sharing connection experiences changes the relational capacity in our brains and builds capacity for relational joy.

week 6-connection demo

Observation and practice of facilitated Immanuel Prayer connection experiences.  Reflecting on the experience in guided debrief session.                                    

week 8- reflection

Reflecting on and sharing the impact of this course and the growth you've experienced. Setting goals for your future growth with Immanuel.

To download the videos, go to our Vimeo site, click on the title, find the Download button below the video.