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the joyful mom

A MOPS group learns how to handle the six

BIG emotions with JOY.

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In her devotional message at the Life Model Works 2019 Transform Conference, Margaret shared her experience of being able to experience Jesus' presence IN her weakness.

Immanuel Prayer Demo

Margaret does an Immanuel Prayer session with Chris at the Laguna Naguel Vineyard gathering of the Immanuel Prayer Team led by Kent and Cathy Larson.  Discussion follows the session.

Immanuel Encounter guide training Promo
Parenting with Joy 

The Chicago A&W Leadership Team offers practical tools for applying Life Model and Immanuel Prayer principles to parenting.

prayer minister group leader training promo

Learn more about our intensive Immanuel Encounter Training course, designed to train guides to offer one on one Immanuel Prayer, using video teaching and live mentored practice groups.  Our introductory Immanuel Encounter Lifestyle course is recommended as a prerequisite.

The most important element of our facilitator training is the small group practice with a trained mentor.  The Leader Training material passes on our process for raising up effective small group mentors.

Immanuel Lifestyle promo

The 8 Wk Immanuel Lifestyle course is a wonderful introduction to the ingredients necessary for living a securely attached, interactive relationship with Jesus.  Through teaching and interactive exercises you will learn and practice skills gleaned from Dr Jim Wilder of Life Model Works and Dr Karl Lehman of The Immanuel Approach

Immanuel lifestyle stories

Lieza shares how the A&W Immanuel Lifestyle course impacted her parenting, her past, and her relationship with the Lord.

Immanuel Lifestyle Stories

Jim shares the profound changes in his relationship with himself as a result of intimate interactions with Immanuel, The God Who is With Us.

Immanuel lifestyle stories

Jack tells of decades as a faithful believer yet still plagued by fear and shame, until he experiences Jesus presence through Immanuel Prayer.

Discover more free media on our Vimeo site: Training Videos; Live Demonstrations; Immanuel Stories; Immanuel Devotionals and more.

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