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Immanuel Prayer minister 
8 Week training

This course is designed for people who have completed our Immanuel Lifestyle course, desire to facilitate Immanuel Prayer Ministry sessions for others, and are committed to pursuing their own healing and spiritual growth.  It incorporates classroom teaching, partner exercises, small group ministry practice, and personal reflection.  It requires a group of a minimum of 3, and we recommend having trained mentors who work with the small group practice component.

Alive and Well is offering this course without charge, but we hope that you will be willing to make a suggested donation of $200 to cover costs and help support our ministry and growth. The DONATE button is at the top right.  Thank You.

Week 1 - connection

Connection is both the goal and the process of Immanuel Prayer.  Here we deepen a facilitator's understanding of the importance of connection.

Week 3-Connection Live Demo

Hands on training begins early with observation, processing the session, and small group practice.

Week 2 - Connection process and skills

Facilitator skill building begins with the essential task of helping a recipient find a connection experience.

week 4-basic Facilitator skills

Learning and practicing the 5 essential facilitator skills.

week 5-disconnection and pernicious block

Losing the positive connection will occur in most Immanuel sessions.  Learning to handle disconnect and blocks is vital and requires practice.

week 7-Brain Levels

A basic understanding of the brain's pain processing pathway helps guide the facilitation of a recipient's prayer process.

week 6-disconnect live demo

A powerful example of disconnection and how to handle it.

week 8-next steps 

Becoming a trained Immanuel Prayer Minister requires a commitment to practice and to pursue our own healing and maturity. 

Small Group Mentor training

A very practical 2 hr workshop for mentors who will be leading the practice small groups in the Prayer Minister Training.  It includes a live demo with practice in how to lead a debrief.  The PDF handout will be a helpful guide.

Follow up to PM Training Resources and Guidelines

Includes how to know when and where to refer a recipient for additional help.

To download these videos, go to our Vimeo site, and click the Download arrow for each video.

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