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How can I learn the Immanuel


Alive & Well offers training in the Immanuel Lifestyle. Our training program is based on the collaborative work of Karl Lehman and Jim Wilder, who co-founded the Immanuel Approach. It also incorporates elements from Margaret’s training as a therapist and Jessie’s training as a teacher and pastor.

Immanuel Lifestyle Training is an eight-week introductory training program that includes classroom teaching, triad exercises, and small group Immanuel experiences. This course is intended for those who want to increase their ability to recognize and experience God’s presence, grow in intimacy with Him, deepen and mature their relationships with others, and continue their own healing journey. It is available at the Free Resources tab above.

Curriculum topics include:

  • Relational Brain Circuits

  • Joy and Secure Attachment

  • Connecting with God

  • The “Big Six” Negative Emotions

  • Returning to Joy

  • Trauma and Capacity

The Immanuel Encounter Guide Training is now available ONLINE for those who have completed Immanuel Lifestyle and want to learn to offer Immanuel ministry to others. This course includes how to guide the Immanuel Encounter for a ministry recipient and how to handle blocks to experiencing the presence of Jesus. The class structure incorporates  classroom teaching, live demonstrations, and mentored small group practice; all of thi sis available in an online platform.

Curriculum topics include:

  • Capacity, Joy, and Secure Attachment

  • Guiding and Deepening Connection with Jesus

  • Handling Blocks to Connecting with Jesus

  • “Reading” the Body

  • The Five Brain Levels

WHAT PEOPLE SAY about our training


This might be the missing link in many churches, a simple introduction to having an ongoing interactive relationship with the Father, just as Jesus did. We are very excited about this!


Our team is now equipped and confident to minister in Immanuel Prayer. In the two short months since our training, we have seen many people experience the loving presence of God in a way that they never have before.


"What a profound, yet easy to learn, relational model for transformation, spiritual growth and healing! The best 8 weeks of spiritual training I’ve experienced. This material is changing me, my ministry, and my community."

how can i take these classes?

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