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 Practice Groups

The concepts and practices learned in the IE LIFESTYLE course help us to live

closely connected to Jesus and relationally with ourselves and others.

The LIFESTYLE is experienced by regularly doing the practices learned in the course.

God designed us to require these experiences regularly.

Continue on your journey in this new way of living,

by meeting with others who are also desiring and growing in the IE LIFESTYLE.

Together you will grow new pathways in your brain so that engaging

the practices and encountering Jesus becomes a natural part of your life.

Purpose: To meet regularly with others also growing in the IE Lifestyle to develop new neural pathways (habits) of daily engaging the IE Lifestyle practices.

Group Experience: The mentor-led IEL Practice Groups will continue in the real-time connection and relational format of the IEL course small groups. Participants will experience and internalize connection and belonging as you share around the incorporation of the IEL concepts in your daily life as well as engaging the practices together in group.

Prerequisite for Participation: To effectively participate in an IEL Practice Group all members must have completed the Immanuel Encounter Lifestyle Course, either online or in-person.

Cost: $40

As an expression of commitment and appreciation of our mentors, the 4 Week IEL Practice Groups cost $40 per participant.

Non-refundable due to limited spaces.

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Practice Groups

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