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Margaret Webb designed the Immanuel Encounter Lifestyle course for people who are new to Immanuel Prayer. 

The goal is to develop the understanding and skills necessary to live in a healthy, interactive relationship with God and others in everyday life; experience God's love, secure attachment, and healing power; grow in spiritual, emotional, and relational maturity; and share joy and transformation with others.

It is also the mandatory prerequisite for

the Immanuel Encounter Guide Training course.

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Immanuel Encounter lifestyle course
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Immanuel Encounter Lifestyle Training

Led by our Immanuel Encounter Program Director, Teddi Rodgers, and our passionate mentor team.

​The Immanuel Encounter Lifestyle Course, starting May '24, is an 8 week intensive training that includes: 

  • 16 hours of homework and at-home exercises to learn new relational concepts and put them into practice

  • 12 hours of live teaching and small group time over zoom

  • Participation in a mentor-led small group for a safe relational environment

  • Support from a trained Immanuel Encounter mentor who lives the IE Lifestyle

  • Many right brain exercises and practices to internalize learning

  • Foundational concepts and preparation for the Immanuel Encounter Guide Training

  • Concepts to be covered (plus more): 

    • Relational Connection Joy: Defined and experienced in class, learn to offer it to others and receive it from God

    • Relational Circuits in Our Brains: what are they and how to turn them on

    • Attunement: what is it and putting it into practice

    • Securely Attached Relationships: Identify and grow them, understand God’s availability for a secure relationship with me

    • Connection: Inside of me, with others, with God, and practical ways to engage connection


Email for more information or sign up for our waiting list. 

Listen to stories of others who have taken the course

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