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Receive Immanuel Encounter Prayer

Since 2010 Alive and Well has been training Immanuel Encounter Guides based on the works of Karl Lehman and Jim Wilder.

Our guides listed below have been through our foundational Lifestyle Course and our 10 week, intensive, Immanuel Encounter Guide Training.

Because of their passion for Immanuel Encounter Prayer they have also been part of training others in these skills.

Our listed Alive & Well Guides have the opportunity for continued training and support within our organization.

They also utilize the Alive & Well approach to Immanuel Prayer.

If you are interested in receiving an Immanuel Encounter Guide session please see the list below and contact the guide directly.

Appointments and payment are independently handled by the guides.


Cathy noa

Cathy has been an inner healing student for over 35 years and is continuing to learn and grow as an Immanuel Prayer guide. She loves the way Alive and Well trains new guides and is a committed mentor for Alive and Well courses and practice groups. She hopes for Immanuel Prayer to become a lifestyle of every Jesus-follower. To help with that big dream, Cathy, along with her husband, Carlos have started a not-for-profit ministry, Missional Immanuel Network, to help microchurches in St. Louis form around the pillars of intimacy with Immanuel, healthy relationships with one another, and lives poured out for those who do not yet know Jesus as teacher and Lord.


Online & In person  

 St. Louis, MO

Cost: $50/session  

Erna Topliffe.jpg

erna Topliffe

Erna, after a long career as a mental health counsellor, discovered first hand for herself, the connecting and healing benefits of the Immanuel Approach. 
She now is passionate to share with others the uniquely personal way in which Immanuel brings healing. Spare time is
spent singing, playing piano, trying new recipes to share with neighbours and enjoying her flowers. 

Online only

Cost: TBD or donation/ session

Kim Carlson.jpg

Kim Carlson

Kim has a history of nurturing people in their growth — first as an RN, mom, and home educator, now as an Encounter Life Coach. Since 2017 she has been passionate about Immanuel and growing a secure connection with him. She delights in using her Alive & Well, Dr. Karl Lehman, and Thrive training to help both individuals and groups experience his lovely, healing, and life-giving presence. 

Online only

Cost: $50/ session

cindy bautch.jpg

Cindy Bautch 

Cindy says her life has been changed by growing closer to the Lord through Immanuel Encounters - both guiding and receiving. She has seen growth in being able to perceive the Lord more often and feel Him near so she can endure hardships well. She longs to help others have an experiential relationship with the Lord and live with the increased joy and capacity that comes with that. 

Online & In person  

Winona, MN

Cost: $50/session  


Jeannette Pryor

With 10 years of Immanuel Prayer guiding, Jeannette has a passion to help others experience Jesus' presence with them. She has personally known what it's like to receive Jesus' comfort in difficult moments of life. She is a wife, a mom of four children and enjoys working on children's books in her free time.

Online only  

Cost: $85/session  



Marsha Kumar loves to assist others in connecting with Immanuel. She has spent several years serving as a prayer minister and coach. Her passion is to bring others to an organic, intimate connection with Immanuel. It is this connection that opens the door to inner healing. Currently, Marsha is exclusively using the Immanuel Approach. 

Online only

Cost: $50/session  

Sue Sather.JPG

Sue Sather

Sue is a licensed mental health therapist who has been a trainer and ambassador for Alive and Well since 2015. Cultivating an interactive lifestyle with Jesus has been a spiritual game changer for Sue personally and for those with whom she works. She has completed Thrive training, is a spiritual director, and has experience implementing Life Model and Alive and Well programming in her local church.

Online & In person  

Omaha, NE 

Cost: $75/session  

Emily Pena

Emily Peña has been training YWAM counseling students in Immanuel Approach since 2017, and was privileged to attend intermediate/advanced training with Dr. Karl Lehman in 2018. She enjoys facilitating Immanuel prayer in both English and Spanish. She lives with her husband, Julio, and their teenage son in North Carolina. In addition to Immanuel prayer, she and Julio teach various topics in YWAM, offer counseling, serve ministers & missionaries through SonScape Retreats, and encourage adoptive and foster families throughout Latin America. Emily loves nature, creativity, and miniature things.

Emily has trained with Karl Lehman, she has not trained with Alive and Well.

Cost: TBD/ session

Online & In person  

Sanford, NC

Emily Pena.jpg

Program Director

Teddi Rodgers

shares her experience and

answers the question,

"What is it like to receive

Immanuel Encounter Prayer?"

Pursuing an Immanuel Encounter Session is voluntary. It is not counseling in any form but rather prayer ministry. Alive & Well, Inc. and it's staff and officers will not be held responsible for any interaction with a listed guide or any outcome of a Immanuel Encounter guide session. Each individual must take full responsibility for their own life, health and wellbeing. 

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