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Practical ways to live close to Jesus and out of the heart He gave you

Wholehearted Immanuel Living

One way to describe Wholehearted Immanuel Living is:

engaging with Jesus in an ever more personal way,

your whole heart becoming knit with His

so that your life and relationships flow out of His peace and love.

This fully engaged, wholehearted life with Him

will enable you to have relationships with others

that are authentic, courageous, and mature.

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Grace, Growth and Maturity

Join us in this online event as we explore the realities of growing in relational maturity as we see each other, through the eyes of grace.

Relational maturity growth can often be painful but is a necessary part in moving toward wholeness.  

God's grace can equip us with the tenderness needed to stay in relationship as we grow. 

In this event we desire to imagine together maturity growth tended by the gentle, caring hands of Immanuel, and true agape community. 

Online event via zoom, with teachings and small group discussions

Saturday, June 25th, 2022    5-8pm CT

Cost: $50 

Full price: $50. 

Discounted Price: $20

Discount Qualifiers: Must be a paying member of the CJGLC, part of A&W mentor team, or Journey Group member paying $40/mth.

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The Joy Zone: Belonging and Community





Overcoming Roadblocks




Wholehearted Immanuel



February 2022

Living out of your

Wholehearted Immanuel IDENTITY


January 2022

What is Wholehearted Immanuel Living?

Our exciting

teaching team

for the June event!

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Amy Brown


Eric Dykstra


Teddi Rodgers

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