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Let us dream and realize together a great harvest of people

living in the freedom of secure attachment to Jesus and one another

Your Donation Makes this dream possible

Through the generous gifts of donors like yourself we are able to offer:

  • interactive and practical training classes for everyone

  • training classes for Immanuel Prayer guides

  • relational discipleship and communities of practice and belonging

  • consultation and care to organizations seeking to renew their culture

If you have been impacted by Alive & Well consider sowing into the ministry 

1. Become a monthly donor of any amount

Monthly donors enable Alive & Well to share these seeds far and wide. 

Complete the form on this page and ​choose the monthly donation schedule to give consistently. Monthly giving can be changed at any time.

2. Give a One-Time Gift

Use the form on this page or click here: Paypal Giving Fund to give a one time gift.

Questions about giving or to donate through your Donor Advised Fund or a mailed check


Thank you for your charitable contribution to Alive & Well, Inc.

You will receive an annual giving statement.

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