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Saturday, May 11, 2024

Join Margaret Webb, founder of Alive & Well, and our Immanuel Encounter Program Director Teddi Rodgers, to gain insights to broaden your understanding of the Immanuel Encounter. Experience connection and interaction with Jesus in community. 

This workshop will inspire those who are just beginning their journey with Immanuel as well as provide additional equipping for experienced Immanuel Encounter guides.

Together we will:

  • Look at barriers to connection:

    • in Immanuel Encounters​

    • with others

    • within ourselves

  • Discover the relational modeling of Jesus through Immanuel Encounters

  • Observe and debrief a live Immanuel Encounter session

 Cost: $65

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Learn and experience what it means to live out of your design for connection with yourself, others and with God! 

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