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Join an Alive & Well Journey Group where you will walk together with others toward wholehearted living with Immanuel, the God Who is With Us.

Each group is led by a Certified Journey Group Leader, trained by Amy Brown and experienced in the concepts of belonging, healthy bonding, maturity, and tuning into God's perspective.




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4 Week Discover Journey Groups with Annie Connors

Would you or someone you know benefit from a 4-week introduction to the Journey Group way of relational discipleship? Learn about the relational journey into wholeness and transformation. You can experience this as a standalone course, or continue with a Level 1 Journey Group when this course is over.

Wednesdays, beginning May 4th, 6pm Central, $40

Understanding the Wounded Heart with Marsha Kumar

Gather with others to experience a simple model for understanding the wounds in your heart and the hearts of those around you. Learn practical, transferable tools for experiencing God's healing and transformation in this 12 week course.

Tuesdays, beginning May 17th, 6pm Central,  $40/month

"I love the way we all became a community so quickly! I love that we are all pursuing greater connection with the Lord through the same thing and encouraging one another in this journey."

-Mary, Overseas 

"I came to Journey Group skeptical that it could really help grow relational skills, after all, we’ve never even met each other face to face. I was so wrong! I have found examples to follow and things to imitate, their stories echo in my thoughts and remind me of who I want to be. Because we're doing this together I am finding more of my true heart!"

-C, CA

The Pandora Problem: Facing Narcissism in Leaders and Ourselves by E. James Wilder

offers a new paradigm for handling narcissistic tendencies - a healthy group! 

Do you want a small group that really gets to the nitty gritty of life? Let's gather and find out how we can be part of the SOLUTION to enemy mode and narcissistic tendencies in us and others. In this 7 week course, Journey Group Director and author Amy Brown will take you through the concepts of The Pandora Problem using lessons she's written after taking numerous groups through the book.

Dates: To Be Announced (when waiting list fills)

Cost: $75, includes materials

Processing Shame

In this 4 week course, led by Certified Journey Group Leader Lisa Pinkham, we will pay attention to how we experience shame and courageously try new ways of staying curious and tender towards ourselves and connected with others, even God, when feeling shame or causing others to feel shame.

This is recommended for anyone who is familiar with the practices of quieting our bodies, gratitude, appreciation and noticing when we feel sad, angry or afraid. 

Dates: To Be Announced (when waiting list fills)

Cost: $40

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