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You are created for relationship! Don't go it alone,
Get Connected

Are you searching for relational wholeness?

More joyful and peaceful living with those around you?

Are you looking for others who will walk alongside you in your spiritual and relational journey?

We're so glad you're here!

The Alive & Well Community offers training, based on the Life Model, that helps us to understand what is happening inside of us and in others. We learn in community, engaging in groups of all sizes, to process and practice the new relational skills we are learning, and to connect together with Jesus.

As part of the Alive & Well Community you will:

  • gain practical tools to navigate daily relationships

  • experience authenticity, belonging and connection

  • discover a real and interactive relationship with Jesus

Where to begin?


Please also see our Core Programs listed below.

Both Journey Groups and the Immanuel Encounter Program provide introductory and follow on opportunities to fit wherever you are in your journey.


Read what others have experienced below, and consider purchasing an event recording to

learn more about Connected Living and the Alive & Well Community Experience.

Core Programs

Our Core Programs for
Relational and Spiritual Growth

Journey Groups

Are you new to this relational study?

Start from the very beginning and gain a solid grasp of the relational neurobiology while practicing it with others.

Have you studied relational skills and are still waiting for the transformation?

Process and practice the relational skills within a community of belonging to move beyond knowledge and grow your relational brain.

JG 2.png

Watch a Sample Journey Group

Meet Journey Group Developer and Director Amy Hamilton Glaser and some of our Journey Group Leaders. 

The Immanuel Encounter Logo Transparent.png

Are you wanting to connect more with Jesus and His people?

Experience authentic connection as you learn with others how to live in a daily, interactive relationship with Jesus. 

Do you want to learn more about Immanuel Prayer?

Do more than learn about it, become an Immanuel Prayer minister through our experiential Immanuel Encounter Guide Training. You will learn and internalize the art of helping others connect deeply with Jesus. 

Wendi williams

“People who knew me before I started this journey have commented on how much I have changed. I am much more peaceful and joyful, and am able to quiet myself, something I never even knew was possible."

Shari Ausley

“After 30 years as a Christian, and former missionary, I am refreshed by Alive & Well's agility, passion, and practical approach for helping people connect (really connect!) with Immanuel.”

Ray and Deborah Woolridge

“God is happy to be with us and He is near. Don’t miss this course. It will change your life. The Immanuel Lifestyle is changing our lives every day, moment by moment!”

Ray is the Former Life Model Works Executive Director

The Immanuel Encounter Lifestyle and relational wholeness is growing fast. Our courses and communities have now been offered in 40 states and 24 countries.


Individuals and communities are being transformed as they learn to relate to others and encounter God. Be part of the impact by giving today! Please click below to give securely online or mail a check to our office.

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This is one of the best ways to give to us. Consider giving monthly, of any amount, to help build the financial foundation of

Alive & Well.

By Mail

We gladly accept checks sent via mail. Please make them out to Alive & Well, Inc, PO Box 108, New Cumberland, PA 17070

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