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the Immanuel Encounter
Guide Training

2023 Immanuel Encounter Guide Training

September 7th - November 9th, 2023

Thursdays at 1pm or 6pm Central

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IEGT Prerequisite:

Be sure to complete the prerequisite,  the Immanuel Encounter Lifestyle Course  before registering for the course.

email with questions about qualifiers for IEGT

The Immanuel Encounter Guide Training (IEGT)

Cost: $250/ person, $400/ married couples both taking the same course

The Immanuel Encounter Guide Training involves weekly homework of teaching videos and handouts, live Zoom practice groups led by trained mentors, and live demonstration sessions.  

The 10-week curriculum includes topics such as:

  • Joy and Capacity,

  • What the Immanuel Encounter Is and Isn't,

  • The Basic Elements of the Encounter Process, and

  • Encounter Guiding Skills: Attunement, Reflective Listening, Open-Ended Questions, Finding a Connection Experience and Maintaining Connection, and How to Handle Disconnection and Reconnection. 


We also look at how understanding the Pain Processing Pathway and the Brain Levels impacts the Encounter process.


Each student has several opportunities throughout the course to practice guiding a session with feedback from the mentor.

Email for more information or for the married couples discount code

Since 2010 Alive & Well has been effectively training both professionals and lay-persons to lead others into the presence of Jesus using the approach learned from Dr. Jim Wilder and Dr. Karl Lehman, developed by Margaret Webb.  Alive & Well's commitment has always been to train not only with information and observation but with intensive practice in relationally driven small groups led by trained mentors. 

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