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Transformed by Joy Courses

A new series designed and led by Amy Hamilton Glaser.

  • Motivated by Joy: From Fear Bonds to Joy Bonds

Spring 2025

  • Joy in Challenges: Staying Connected to Me, You, & Jesus

January 2025

  • The Joyful Community: Walking Together in Joy

September 2024​​​

September 25 - November 13, 2024​

Wednesdays at 12-1:30pm or 7-8:30pm Central


Transformation comes through interactions in joy and peace with God and people, practiced intentionally over time.

Did you know that our bonds and our emotions provide the fuel and motivation for our behavior?

Jesus lived His life motivated by "the joy set before Him" (Hebrews 12:2), and we can learn this way of life! In this seven week course, we will look at how to shift bonds that are fueled by fear, shame, or other pain over to the fuel of joy and love. 

In Motivated by Joy, together we'll experience:

  • Practices that will shift your relational motivation from fear to joy? 

  • A deep sense of God’s delight in you? 

  • The ability to approach interactions in fearless peace and love? 

No prerequisites required for this course.


Wouldn’t life be sweet if we could consistently respond to difficult emotions, people, and situations with tenderness, strength and love? In this course, you’ll practice skills of staying deeply connected to yourself, others, and Jesus, even in the midst of challenges. 


In the second course of our Transformed by Joy series, we invite you to spend 7 weeks with author and trainer Amy Hamilton Glaser, learning how to navigate the terrain of relational connection during emotional upset.


In Joy in Challenges, together we’ll experience how to:

  • Recognize, feel, share, and quiet big emotions in yourself and others; 

  • Receive and give emotional attunement; 

  • Recognize and escape enemy mode; and

  • Repair well after relational ruptures. 


No prerequisites required for this course.


Building a joyful community is the work of a lifetime! It begins with a vision, and grows as we build bonds that can withstand the pressures of life. We recognize the challenge of living in both hopeful vision and grounded reality. 


Join Amy Hamilton Glaser in this 7 week course, where we will envision a joyful community, acknowledge our current reality, and explore practices we can implement to move us forward.


This course is inspired by the books The Pandora Problem (Dr. Jim Wilder) and The Other Half of Church (Dr. Wilder and Michel Hendricks).

No prerequisites required for this course.

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