our vision

Alive & Well is a ministry committed to a relational paradigm shift that brings whole brain balance into the lives of individuals, families, organizations, and churches.

our mission

Our goal is to create opportunities for relational and spiritual growth, healing, and joyful community through experience-based training involving all three pillars of the Life Model: Relational Brain Skills, The Immanuel Lifestyle, and Multigenerational Community.

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The Webbs

Jerry and Margaret began life together in the turbulent decade of the 1970's, spiritually confused, culturally disenfranchised, and broke. Their marriage has been the anvil on which the Lord in his mercy has hammered out a deep bond of love, a productive working relationship, and a zest for life that energizes those around them. Jerry, a successful financial advisor, and Margaret, a Christian psychotherapist, have between them 80 years of people-helping experience in two challenging arenas: relationship to money and relationship to God, self, and others.


Both were raised in committed Christian homes, Jerry in Tulsa, OK and Margaret in Wheaton, IL. But each walked away in their early 20's searching for spirituality with a depth of authenticity, commitment, and intimacy. Together they were led back to the Christian faith and still continue that journey toward authentic spirituality, all out commitment in faith and practice, and a life of intimacy with the God who is with us, Immanuel.


In this season formerly known as retirement, they are excited about having more time and resources to invest in ministry.


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Amy Brown joined the Alive & Well staff in January 2021 as a content developer, trainer, and consultant. As Alive & Well expands into new areas of ministry, Amy and Margaret will work together to develop training and curriculum as God leads.  Amy’s passion and expertise in building online communities for Immanuel connection, discipleship, emotional and spiritual growth is a welcome addition.


Currently, Amy creates monthly training events for the Online Practice Community with THRIVEtoday, creates training materials for Life Model Works, and is the developer and director of the Journey Group Program. She co-authored the book Relational Skills in the Bible with Chris Coursey, and wrote the Journey Group Level 1 and 2 curriculum. She is a relational skills trainer with THRIVEtoday. 


Teddi Rodgers

Teddi Rodgers joined Alive & Well staff in September 2021 as our new program director. Together with Margaret, she is continuing the development of our new online Immanuel Encounter training programs. Teddi is passionate about helping others to personally know and experience the Love of Immanuel. Her background as a pastor and executive leader is a valued asset to Alive & Well.

With 6 years of immersion in relational skills, learning, teaching and guiding others, Teddi comes with a solid knowledge of the brain skills and a joyful lifestyle. She continues to help others grow in joy as the Immanuel Encounter Program Director and trainer.

board of directors

Jerry Webb, chairman/president

Jerry built a successful financial planning and investment advisory business from the ground up based on scriptural principles of finance and relationship. It survived every market boom and crash for over 40 years, when he retired and handed it over to his associate. He was also a founding board member of Larry Burkett’s Kingdom Advisors.  He has served on a number of ministry boards that have focused on supporting indigenous organizations working with AIDS orphans and widows, microenterprise, and seminaries and Bible colleges.


Jerry's passion is to promote charitable giving, both by sharing the vision for joyful giving and by creating vehicles through which sacrificial giving can flow. He believes that financial health has more to do with relationship to money than amounts of money, and that scripture is the key to growing into that healthy relationship.  He is committed to offering his expertise in the arena of finance and investments through Alive and Well, Inc.


Visit Money & Stewardship for some of Jerry’s financial wisdom and advice.

margaret Webb, Director of Training

Margaret began her career in people-helping at age 16 as an aide in a nursing home. Exploratory and adventuresome, her quest for spiritual and emotional wholeness took many twists and turns, from nursing to psychology to alternative medicine and massage therapy.


After some years in the New Age movement, Margaret had a personal encounter with the living God. She returned to Christianity, and the Holy Spirit took her through a painful, glorious process of healing. She earned a Masters in Clinical Psychology from Wheaton College and spent 12 years in private practice as a Christian psychotherapist, retiring in the year 2000.


Since then she has devoted herself to a ministry of emotional healing and maturation in the context of prayer. Teaching, training, mentoring, and consulting, she is committed to the vision of a network of lay and professional people-helpers bringing the care of souls into the local church.  Learn more about Immanuel Prayer Ministry and the Immanuel Encounter Guide Training program Margaret has developed.  

John Saunders

John has been involved in Christian ministry since high school. Some powerful experiences with healing prayer beginning in 2013 caused him and his wife to start searching for places to learn more about this kind of ministry. They found the Life Model universe in 2015 when they attended the Life Model Works annual gathering.  They attended their first Thrive training that summer, and have been actively learning about and growing in emotional maturity and relational skills since then. They have completed all Thrive tracks, and been involved in Journey Groups since 2017. In January 2020, he became a board member for Thrive Today with Chris and Jen Coursey.

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His vision is to bring the principles of the Life Model, the Immanuel Lifestyle, emotional maturity, and relational skills into the workplace.  In addition to Christian ministry, he is involved in Conscious Capitalism, Braver Angels, the National Speakers Association, and Windy City Professional Speakers.

He and his wife Mary Ellen have been married over 40 years, and live in Gurnee, IL. They have four unique and wonderful adult children. He enjoys the ever-changing beauty of clouds, especially as they interact with sunsets, big ideas and deep conversations, and chilling out by playing piano or sitting by the fire.

Gary Churchill

Gary and his wife Linda live in the suburbs of Chicago, where they both grew up. Gary has established his surgical practice in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery there, and their two children and four exceptional (of course!) grandchildren live nearby.


Gary and Linda have trained as spiritual directors and Immanuel Prayer ministers, and they have both served as mentors for Alive and Well’s Immanuel classes.


They are so thankful for the emotional healing and growth they’ve found through Immanuel Prayer, explaining, “Knowing God is now an interactive, relational experience. We are able to connect better with one another in our marriage, resolve conflicts quicker, and experience greater joy as a couple. We also have increased capacity to deal with the stresses of living in this modern world.”

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chad meadows

Chad and his wife Joy currently live in Branson Missouri with their 3 boys where they own and operate an interior design and renovation business.  He spent 9 years in vocational ministry as a worship pastor in various churches throughout the country where the Lord developed in him a deep love for the people of the Church.  He believes that the best way to operate as the Body of Christ is to practice the things that Jesus, his disciples and the early church modeled. Hospitality, honesty, humility, vulnerability, sincere love and affection and concern for the well-being of others.  


Chad shares openly about his history of childhood trauma and abuse and the ways that has impacted his spiritual, emotional, mental and physical health.  Throughout all the years of various treatments, counseling sessions and therapy modalities, the most impactful experience by far has been his work using the Immanuel prayer model.  What he loves most about guiding or being guided in this type of prayer is that it addresses the whole person.  The spirit, the heart, the mind and the body, all while grounded in a relational connection with Jesus and the guide.   


perry bigelow has gone to Heaven

Perry was a dear friend and faithful Ambassador for Alive & Well.  He died unexpectedly in July, '22 and we will miss him tremendously.  His wisdom and guidance were invaluable, all the way back to 2013.  But we know that he is rejoicing to be with his precious Lord and experience Immanuel face to face.

Bigelow Homes founder Perry Bigelow had been a homebuilder for almost 40 years. Intentional from the start about aligning his business values with his Christian faith, Perry was a global leader in residential energy conservation.  Bigelow Homes has been highly praised for its affordable, relationship-friendly neighborhood design.

Perry discovered Immanuel Prayer in 2012 and took Alive and Well’s Immanuel Prayer Training in 2013. He was deeply impacted by what he experienced. “For those of us who have difficulty perceiving the presence of Jesus,” he says, “Immanuel Prayer is a Godsend.” Although he lived according to the truth of Christianity, he explains, that truth “wasn’t verified by experience until I got involved in Immanuel Prayer. It is changing my life!”

sue sather

Sue Sather has been in full-time ministry all of her adult life, from Navigators staff in the U.S. and Japan to her current activity in her Omaha, NE church as a lay counselor, healing prayer facilitator and Women’s Bible study leader.


Sue was introduced to Immanuel Prayer in 2007 and has trained with and led courses from Life Model, Connexus, Thrive, and Deeper Walk as well as Alive and Well. She is passionate about creating environments where individuals and groups engage with Immanuel for greater intimacy, healing and transformation.


Sue enjoys music, family meals when her adult children and granddaughter come to visit, and tending her flower garden.

Mary Ann Quinn

mary anne quinn

“I want you to believe in a whole healing.” That was how Jesus started Mary Anne on a six-year journey to wholeness from childhood trauma. As a speaker, writer, and artist, Mary Anne shares her testimony of Immanuel’s healing wherever God gives her the opportunity. She brings a depth of study and training in trauma healing to facilitating Immanuel Prayer and other prayer ministry. In 2018, Mary Anne launched a blog and teaching ministry to offer hope and help on the path to secure attachment.


As a learning specialist, Mary Anne has spent over twenty-five years teaching children how God uniquely created them to learn.


Mary Anne enjoys reading, singing, Messianic dancing, relaxing on the beach, nature photography, and birding with her husband, John.

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